Monday, January 26, 2009

My Exciting Weekend

This weekend went by way too fast!

Even tho I only work my 'real job' monday - 4 day weekends are always over before they start.

Wednesday night my bff came over, along with a good friend from high school who I haven't seen in about a year. We drank pina coladas, and then gave each other sharpie tattoos....and then documented our awesomeness on film.

The next day I stayed in bed until 5:30. I was just sooooo tired. Complete waste of a day.

Friday I cleaned a little and took some donations to the thrift store, ended up spending $30 there....but left with some fantastic stuff. I was really upset tho because they had a rockin' dress form behind the counter that wasn't for sale. I'm sure they are going to use it to display some ugly worn out clothing. What a sad way for that poor dress form to carry out her life. I named her Lucile....I'm sure she would have loved to live at my house with Roberta (my dressform), instead of being stuck there doing a job that she was not created to do.

They also had a vintage singer sewing machine. I think it was #221-1, if memory serves....they had it priced at $425. I looked online, ebay has quite a few selling around $100. That really gets me annoyed that thrift stores do that, any price would be profit, they got it for free right?

Sunday we went to moms for memaws birthday party. I gave her a card holder that I made. Like this, different fabric tho of course.

(Click the pic)

We ate chinese. My fortune cookie said something about meeting up with old friends. Which is crazy cause just the day before a good friend came over who I was not speaking to for a few months.

Now it is monday. And here I sit. Guess I should get to work.....


Holly said...

love the sharpie tattoo idea - how long do they last?

RuJu said...

Some are still there. lol! I scrubbed like crazy tho.

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