Saturday, January 17, 2009

FeatureMe - Mattsart

A little bit about Mattsart

I spend a lot of time in the etsy forums. I go in to kill time, have some entertainment, give advice, etc. Usually I aim to spend about 10 minutes in there, but I ALWAYS get sucked in and end up being in the forums for at least an hour.

In the millions of hours I have spent in the etsy forums, I have come across several threads, and noticed the trend myself....their just aren't very many male sellers in the land of etsy.

Then I came across Mattsart. He responded to my thread about possibly doing features on my blog. How could I resist doing a feature about a male seller on etsy? Especially when is art is this gorgeous!!!

Me: Wow, a man on etsy! How do you feel being among the minority in the etsy community?

Mattsart: I don't know that I am the minority anymore - but honestly, either way, it's fine.
There was a time about a year ago where I stupidly thought that my being a man was affecting my sales, but like I said, I was just pretty new here, and extremely stupid. Being surrounded and overwhelmed by all the ladies' items just got to me (sort've the man in the lingerie department thing - you know how THAT is), and for a while I was feeling very "out of place", but I'm over it now. There are a LOT more guys on Etsy these days, and honestly, that helps me to feel a bit more at home.

Me: I hear ya. I try to buy gifts on etsy whenever I can....but I have such a hard time finding guy stuff.

Me: So you have a full time job, and an etsy shop full of gorgeous paintings. Where do you find time to do it all?

Mattsart: I make the time, but I never sacrifice quality, because that's what I'm all about.
I am a hopelessly addicted painting junkie, and it's as simple as that. There's an old lyric that goes; "I can't stop for nothing, I'm just playing in the band", and it's exactly the same way for me, only with painting.

Me: Ah, making time. Something I know all too well. Having 2 kids and a 'real job' does make it hard to make the time to create. But the end result is so worth the lack of sleep.

Me: What is the inspiration behind your paintings?

Mattsart: I have no idea. I just do what I do, and the winds, spirits and juju take it from there. God inspires me, other artists inspire me, color and spirit inspire me, books, music, etc. EVERYTHING inspires me.

Me: My sons nickname is juju. Thanks for freaking me out for a second. lol!

Me: Lollipop Trees, Lanscapes, Abstracts, and Customized Paintings....which is your favorite to create?

Mattsart: All of the above.

Me: That's great! You love every single thing that you do.


Piggy said...

Great article! The paintings are GORGEOUS! Esp the first one! I love how the 3 separate paintings are joined together as one!

Anonymous said...

Wow... his is a great idea... a great read and the art is amazing. Thanks!

Be Jeweled By Candi said...

Great promotion post, his work is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Great post, thank you for sharing!

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