Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's Official - President Obama

President Obama...has a nice ring to it!

In celebration of such a wonderful day in our history I have compiled some fantastic products available on etsy!

I did a search with the keyword 'Obama'. To my surprise (good surprise) there were 147 pages of awesomely handcrafted Obama items. Amazing. Click here to see all of the results in etsy
(Since I posted this it jumped to 152 pages. WOW!)

Anyway...here are a few that really caught my eye!

Wanna purchase one of these great items for yourself? Here is where you can find them!: (click on the name to go straight to the shops!!)

Row 1
1. Presidential Evolution T Shirt - www.isotope.etsy.com

2. Pen & Ink Illustration - www.jenniferkohnke.etsy.com

Mama Likes Obama Button - www.printmakerjenn.etsy.com

Row 2
Coffee Sleeve - www.whatsupyoursleeve.etsy.com

Yes I Did Vote Button - www.graffiti2.etsy.com

Earrings - www.kimazier.etsy.com

Row 3

7. Collectable Bracelet - www.leeza888.etsy.com

8. Hope Necklace - www.underhercharm.etsy.com

9. Rocks My Socks Bag - www.MABelhandbags.etsy.com

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Bayberry Roost said...

Wow, this is a really fancy blog post. No idea how you did all the links for shops in red and blue. Very cool. I just posted an announcement of this on my facebook.


And will post on blog later today.

Thanks for including me in this.

In a newspaper I picked up this morning, a headline said: [Obama is] Conjuring a FUTURE on values of the PAST

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