Friday, March 6, 2009


A couple of weeks ago my little girl told me she wanted an orange cat name Lucy.

So, I looked around online. My first thought was to get one from the humane society. I'm forever hearing how over populated they are. So I checked it out. $115 for a kitten! Wowza! But then I saw that they needed some foster homes for some mama cats with kittens. So I was thinking I could foster the cat and just keep one of the baby's. Nope, still have to pay for the kitten. And they wonder why they are overpopulated.

Anyway, I searched for 2 weeks. And I finally found two little lovies on craigslist. We decided to get both, so they can keep each other company when we aren't home. Plus we didn't want the kids fighting over the cat.

We did get a girl who is orange, but my daughter ended up naming her Lilly.

Lilly's brother was named by my son. His name is Rocky. :)

Welcome to the family Rocky and Lilly!!!

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