Monday, January 19, 2009

How Do They Know?!?!

Do the people who air reruns know what is going to happen in my life the next day and then run an appropriate show that night?

I watch one of 3 TV shows at night as I'm falling asleep. Either, That 70's Show, Will & Grace, or Seinfeld. My husband can't understand why I watch shows over and over that I have seen a million times...but they are just that good.

Whatever happens in the show seems to happen to me the next day. It's almost like that new movie with Adam Sandler.

I can't think of any other examples, so I will give the one for today...and update when it happens again.

So last nights show of choice was Seinfeld. It was the one where George's phone line gets crossed with some woman who everyone thinks is Chinese, but really she just changed her last name and wanted to be Chinese (great episode).

This morning I get to work and 2 people are talking about how they got each others voice mails. WTF!? Are you serious?!?

In closing, I think it is not santa who is's the cable programmers.


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