Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Shop Re-Vamp

According to some great etsyians my shop pics were not up to par. After my successful show this past weekend I decided to buckle down and work on the appearance of my shop.

This meant retaking all of the pictures of all of the items in my etsy, and taking pictures of all of my new stuff from the show that did not sell.

Well, it took me 2 days, and I'm still not done editing the new stuff pics. But my shop has a fresh new look to it. Everything flows, and some of the pics are kinda funny!

I'm hoping that this will bring some traffic my way, but only time will tell.

I suggest you all go look. HERE

And while you are there check out my "mother of all market bags" this is the bag that sold out at the show!


wendy said...

Your pics look great!

sleeplessimagination said...

You really did a lot of work on your shop. Good job! The photos really show your bags and they are fun. I think you will get some traffic your way. BTW I like your bags a lot!

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