Friday, December 5, 2008

Getting Ready For The Show

So, my first craft show is this weekend, both days. I'm setting up my booth tonight at 6. Last night I did a dry run, since I have never done a show before, it's a good thing i did cause it took me forever.

I took pics, to refer to tonight so I know where to put the stuff. Keep in mind my space at the show is 10x10...and my space in my living room is way less than that. So it won't be so tight.

I'm told it's concrete floors, and the building is not heated. I'm planning on wearing lots of layers. And I'm taking an area rug.

Merry Christmas!!!
I also have to include a few pics from us going to get our christmas tree last weekend. Just cause the kids are so darn cute. Lol! We walked to a local spot that sells the trees and brought it home in our wagon. :)


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