Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Social Networking do I feel about this whole online networking crap? Well, it's crap. Your'e damned if you do and damned if you don't. It's a pain in the neck but would we survive without them? NO.

I have had for a while now...

personal facebook
business facebook
blog um...your on it...duh.
and now finally...I stooped and made a myspace.

Not sure how I feel about it, but we shall see. It's just so much to keep up with all these pages and sites and online photo albums. What if my status' don't match up! Eek! On one site I could be cooking dinner and on the other a trip to Hershey Park. That's not even possible. I just hope the social networking gods don't catch on and ban me. Lord knows small online business' can't survive without them. What a tragic day that would be.


Laura Pugh said...

I hear ya! I'm on facebook, twitter, have a blog and flickr (that I never use). I really stink at keeping up on all of them. I know I need a system for keeping it all organized and current, but haven't come up with it yet. Heck, if I knew how to keep things current, updated and in order, my house would look better too. It's good to see you back on your've been missed.

RuJu said...

Thanks Laura. don't even want to see my house. lol!

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