Friday, February 27, 2009

Proud To Be - Handmade in PA!!! (Blog Carnival!!)

As a new business owner, and creator of awesomeness..ok maybe I don't create 'awesomeness'....but the things I make are pretty rad......I am very proud of my Pennsylvania home!

I grew up in PA and thanks to my mom have been able to visit and experience tons that the commonwealth has to offer. She was forever taking us to museums, Amish farms, parks, festivals, you name it!

Now as I am working on my own Pennsylvania based business I have become a member of some other great communities in the area. Including, and local craft shows, as well as the worldwide handmade online venue at (

I have done only one craft show so far. And it was the coolest experience. It has been so awesome getting to meet all of the amazing people who are doing the same thing I am trying to do...her in PA.

Aside from the business aspect, I think Pennsylvania, or more specifically the small town I live in is a wonderful place to raise my children. We can walk to the ice cream shop on hot summer afternoons, go for bike rides to the playground, and make snowmen in our backyard in the winter.

From now until March 2, 2009 I am running a special in my shop for my blog readers. FREE SHIPPING FOR US RESIDENTS!!!! Just enter "HIP Blog Carnival" in the notes to buyer as you are checking out. Click HERE to go to my etsy shop!

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wireddesign said...

Great post & shop!

tara - said...

Erin, thanks so much for participating!

Great post - this is a great place to raise kids. I thought that before I even had one (or wanted one!!).

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