Monday, February 9, 2009

The People That Live(d) In My House

Recently I have become obsessed with trying to find out any information on the people who used to live in my house.

Here are my steps I am taking:
1. Get names from deeds at the court house, in the recorder of deeds office
2. Go to the library, ( and look at census reports, etc.
3. The internet. google archives - search for names, address, etc.
4. The historical society
5. Talk to neighbors

1. I went to the court house and got all the deed information. Most of it was easy, cause it was on a computer...but the house/land was owned so long ago that more of the older info had to be looked up in the ginormous ancient books. The problem with all of this is I have no idea when the house was actually built. One of the older deeds said something about the land being well over an acre, when ours is only .19. I'm thinking it was part of a group of homes, or a bigger hunk of land. Which means, that deed may not even belong to my house....?

On the 2nd to oldest deed the house was given to a daughter of the owners who passed away. When she died the house was to be sold and the profit would be split between her 5 siblings. The siblings all died before her, so she sold it to a couple. It actually said on the deed that if that couple died before she did, the house would go back to her. Insane!

2. So, now I have names...what's the next step? I went to the library and got myself a card, went online and searched. I came up with some info, but it is still very confusing because of the family from one of the first deeds passing the house around among each other.

3. I did some searches, and came up with nothing.

4. Next I will go to the historical society, but their hours are so strange it will be a while till I am able to get there.

5. I talked for like 2 seconds the other day with my neighbor, and he said the guy that lived in my house in the 60's/70's is still alive and around somewhere....

SO! Here are the names. If anyone reading this knows any info on any of these people PLEASE contact me! Leave a comment on this post and I will email you!

From oldest to most recent:

George & Catherine Grumbein/Grumbine (didn't write down dates/sometime in 1800's)
The name Grumbine/Grumbein is recorded in different places spelled different ways..... ?

Lucinda Grumbein (1800's)
Never married/no children (?)

Edward and Elizabeth/Eliza Dissinger (1873-1936)
Minnie (married Jacob Reifsnyder)

Their is a gap in dates here, which might be when the land was split, house was built?

Kate and Irvan/Irwin Good (1941-1963)
No Kids (?)

Frederick & Marilyn Louise Shank (1963-1974)
No Kids (?)

Lester & Ethel Stover (1974-1975)
Kids (?)

Naomi Cole (1975-2005)
No Kids
Mother and Uncle lived and died in home

If anyone knows any info on this ... please help me out!!!!


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