Monday, September 15, 2008

Worlds Worst

I think I am officially the worlds worst blogger. I always forget, or when I do remember I have too many other things to be doing.

But today I am feeling so down in the dumps that I needed to vent.

The economy is so poo right now and my little family is feeling the punch right in the face. I'm so sick of being poor and literally trying to survive on next to nothing.

Selling on etsy was to be a source of income for my family, to help with the bills. I was super stoked when I made 4 sales in 3 days......that was weeks ago. Nothing since.

I know, I'm new, I know, I need to promote. I have been following all the rules and doing everything I can to get out there.....I think everyone is in the same situation I am in and just can't afford 'extras'.

BUT, that isn't even my biggest peeve right now. Well, it kinda goes hand in hand. I want to beable to stay home with my kids. I'm sick of missing things. Drives me bonkers! Financially I don't think it will ever be possable and that drives me nuts.



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